from 1945 to the Present

Rosenberg Railroad Museum is happy to announce that the Museum has accepted a major donation from the Gulf Coast Chapter - National Railway Historical Society, Inc.

The generous donation, a diesel locomotive, was originally built in 1945 by ALCO-GE for the Santa Fe Railway. As Santa Fe No. 2350, the end-cab switch engine worked in California and the Texas Panhandle before being retired in 1977.

Commenting on the donation, Rosenberg Railroad Museum President Bill Rickert said, "We are excited at the opportunity to have the ATSF 2350 switcher at our museum.  We believe this addition to the Rosenberg Railroad Museum will be pivotal in taking us to the next level with our projected growth and expansion.  We will work with Union Pacific and BNSF to create a spur at the museum that will eventually allow us to house additional rolling exhibits and schedule excursions from the Museum."

Gulf Coast Chapter NRHS Past President Tom Marsh said, “Rosenberg has a long association with the Santa Fe Railway, having been established at the junction of Santa Fe’s Texas predecessor Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railway and the Galveston, Harrisburg and San Antonio Railroad. Rosenberg was named in honor of GC&SF President Henry Rosenberg. Our organization is happy that this nearly 70-year-old Santa Fe locomotive has found an appropriate home alongside the tracks of the Santa Fe Railway at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum.” The GCC-NRHS website has extensive information on the history of 2350.

Watch for more information to come in the days to follow.