The Museum Gallery

Glance back into the history of railroading...

The Museum Gallery is where you will begin your tour.

We'll begin with a memorable eight-minute film that gives an overview of the eight railroads that once traversed Fort Bend County. Artifacts and photos from these railroads are exhibited here, as well as historic photos from the area.  There are some great images of the December 1924 snowfall, and an image of a train literally blown off the tracks by the 1900 hurricane. There are objects used by employees in the depots, in the railyards, and along the tracks, as well as job titles and descriptions of many long-gone occupations. We also have photographs of nearly every depot that served Fort Bend County. There are also buttons, badges, tools, lamps, lanterns, china and flatware, locks and keys, brochures and timetables - and so much more!

Our museum building is modeled after the original depot. This image is of Rosenberg's Union Depot - which served the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific railroads from 1883 until 1917. It sat just north of where our museum building sits now.  Union Depot was replaced by a stucco building on the east side of 3rd Street in 1917.  Other railroad buildings nearby were the Wells Fargo & Co. Express Building, and the Harvey House Restaurant.


The Depot circa 1907. Compare the Depot (above on the right of photo)  to the Museum today.