Model Railroading - World's Greatest Hobby

What is it about model railroading that makes it such a great hobby?

  •  Is it our fascination with miniatures of all kinds? We find a thrill in studying tiny duplicates of real objects.
  •  Is it being able to create a precision model of a locomotive, a work of art in its own right?
  • Is it placing that same model in the context of a complete setting making it come to life?

There are many ways to enjoy model railroading, but building a complete model railroad that evokes a sense of time and place is the heart of this hobby.

Many paths

Many scale model railroaders recall their childhood when a train set allowed them to exercise control over an imaginary world. As adults, they find they have the means and skills to bring that world to life. This is often combined with an interest in real railroads. 
Although there is a tremendous variety of fine-running, beautifully detailed locomotives, cars, buildings, and accessories available to scale model railroaders, this is still a very personal and creative hobby. 
As a modeler you put something of yourself - your unique stamp - onto everything you do. There are no minimum requirements for entry, and all levels of participation, skills, and interest are welcome to join in the fun of model railroading, meaning there is a place for you.

And the fun begins... with a Sneak Peek!

Trains are running on the RRM Garden Railroad! Model Railroading in G-scale.