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What are your admission prices for the general public? 
Regular Museum Admission: 
     ~ $7.50 for adults
     ~ $6.00 for senior citizens (55+), Military, First Responders  
     ~ $5.00 for children ages 2 - 14
     ~ Free for children under 2
Become a Member and receive free admissions, discounts in the gift shop and other benefits. Visit our Membership page for details.   

Does the Museum have a discount for military or first responders? 
     Yes, military and first responders receive a $1.50 discount with valid ID. 

Is the Museum indoors or outdoors?
     The Rosenberg Railroad Museum is composed of indoor and outdoor elements.  Our Gallery and the majority of our exhibits (Quebec, Tower 17, Caboose, Model Train room, etc) are indoors but walking outside is required to get from exhibit to exhibit.  The Garden Railroad is outdoors.

How accessible is the Museum for wheelchairs and strollers?
     Our Gallery, Model Train room and Garden Railroad are wheel chair and stroller accessible.  There are sidewalks leading from the Gallery to the Caboose and the Quebec but there are no ramps leading into the Quebec or Caboose. 

How long does a tour last?
     A tour lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour.  For this reason, we advise patrons to arrive at least one hour prior to closing to ensure enough time to see all of the exhibits. 

We offer tours every day that we are open. The tours are not on a schedule, but as needed.  Once you arrive, there are two videos to choose between, one animated on train safety for the younger set and one documentary for those who are interested, both last about 7 minutes. After that the Gallery is self guided with an "I Spy" game for the kids and then a tour guide takes you outside.  The tour of the grounds and exhibits lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. You will enjoy all the knowledge our guides share with you!

Are pets allowed on Museum grounds? 
     The Rosenberg Railroad Museum has a strict, no pets policy.  Service dogs are welcome.



1.    I am creating my summer field trip calendar and would like to schedule a tour for my students. Could you send me information and pricing for 40 students and 4 teachers?  
     See answer below

2.    I'm trying to set up a field trip for my early learning center, estimating between 18-22 kids. What would the cost be for our group?  
     See answer below

3.   I would like to see about scheduling a tour for our senior citizens group. How long does the tour last?
     See answer below

4.    I am the organizer of a Babies Meetup group, and would like any information on tour opportunities for our group.  Our children are mostly 18 months to 2 ½ years old. 
     See answer below

5.    I have a preschool group interested in a field trip.  What do I need to do to make a reservation?
     See answer below

ANSWER TO ALL OF THE ABOVE:   We are always happy to extend special Group Pricing to our Guests, as well as customize our tours and programs to the interests of your group's members. As you can see the requests we receive are quite diverse, so please give us a call and we can answer your particular needs.

Photos at the museum

I am interested in taking my engagement pictures at the museum. It will be conducted by a professional photographer. Do you also offer photo ops after your business hours?
     Answer: The Museum has a written Policy regarding photography on museum grounds. Click here to review the policy.   

The Museum also reserves the right to photograph program participants and visitors. Please be aware that these photos are for the use of the Museum only and may be published for publicity purposes. If you do not wish to be photographed, please notify staff. 


I have a large number of railroad related items. Would the museum be interested in accepting these for donation?
     Answer: The Museum is always interested in receiving items related to railroading and particularly items related to the three railroads who travel the rails behind the museum - the BNSF (Burlington Northern & Santa Fe), Union Pacific, and Kansas Missouri & Texas Railway (also known as "The Katy"). We would also be glad to take a look at photos of the items to determine if they fit into the mission of the Museum. If your items are numerous or large, it might be possible to arrange a meeting at your location. Start this process with an email to the museum, or check out our Contact Us page for options.

Visit our Donate Page for the many options you have to make a difference by donating to the Museum and its programs.

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Do I have to come in person to join?

We are happy to offer you two options in addition to stopping by the museum:

  • If paying by check, fill out our membership form and mail it with your check (made payable to Rosenberg Railroad Museum) to Rosenberg Railroad Museum, P.O. Box 369, Rosenberg, Texas 774710.
  • If paying by Credit Card, you can join online at this link, or drop by the Museum at your convenience.

What if I have joined but don’t have a membership card, or I am not sure if I am still a member?

Contact the Museum at 281-633-2846 or by using our Contact Us form and we can verify your membership status and expiration date.

What if I joined recently at a different pricing level?

Existing members will automatically be converted to one of the revised levels and be able to start receiving the current benefits. Members who joined a few months before the revised program was available may be eligible for an extension of their membership period.  Contact the Museum at 281-633-284  or by using our online Contact Us form to confirm your status and to see if you qualify for an extension.

What if some of my children are 15 or over?

Children ages 15 or over are considered an adult, and are eligible for their own membership.  May we suggest that you consider enrolling your 15 or older teen in our Junior Docent Program. All active Docents are entitled to complementary individual membership privileges. For information on the Docent Program visit this link or call 281-633-2846.

Are there limitations on who can be included as part of the Family Membership level?

The limitations on the Family membership are: You must include at least one and no more than two adults and it includes up to a total of 5. Children under 2 may visit without being included under the membership. Children 15 or over are considered adults.  You also have the option to increase the number of children for your Family membership for $10 each. 

Is the Education Station Playroom available for Family members?

Unless the area has been reserved for a special purpose such as a birthday or special program, it can be opened by someone with the museum for your use.

Are members allowed to go to all areas and buildings during each visit?

Unless an area has been reserved for a special purpose, members may visit all areas on the museum property. However, note that a tour guide is required for visiting all areas except the Museum Gallery (main building), Education Station Playroom, and Caboose.

Do members have to pay for special events?

Unless noted differently in promotion material for the event, your membership includes visiting museum grounds and buildings. 

I have a question that is not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact the Museum by calling 281-633-2846 or by using our online Contact Us form.

Special Needs

1.    I have clients who have a particular interest in trains and I would like to bring them for a short tour of your more accessible exhibits.  I was wondering if you have wheelchair van accessible parking and how many of your exhibits might be wheelchair accessible.  We are planning to bring 5 clients and 3 staff on our trip.      See answer below

2.    I have a son who is in a wheelchair and we are trying to plan activities for him and wondered if your museum was accessible?  I wasn't sure how you were set up but it looks really fun.  Are there real railroad cars to go inside (if that is the case I thought they might not be accessible).  We also work with a small group of young adults in wheelchairs and are always looking for field trips....     See answer below

ANSWER TO BOTH OF THE ABOVE:   All of our Museum Exhibits are wheelchair accessible, except for the interior of our beautiful Quebec and Caboose. Our Board is aware of these issues, and has been implementing a plan to make these not-to-miss exhibits accessible to all of our guests.  Please give us a call for further information.