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For the RailFan

Model Railroading News

We will soon begin a section of our website dedicated to model railroading. We'll share with you tips on starting a new layout, scenery techniques, and all the fun people you'll discover who are passionate about this hobby. Here's one of those people, Dave Frary, a well-known innovative scenery artist. Check out his blog full of photos.

Railfanning in Rosenberg

Do you have a favorite video of trains in and around Rosenberg? Send us the YouTube link!

Tower 17

Visit the Museum Picture Gallery for larger images and a description.

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    Rosenberg Railroad Museum Exhibits

    The exhibits at Rosenberg Railroad Museum are educational and informative. When you complete your gallery tour, there's much more to see - Tower 17, the Quebec railcar, and the HO layout at Education Station. We also have a nice gift shop, where you can pick up that special item for yourself, or the perfect gift! 

    Tower 17 Renovations


    Tower 17 will be CLOSED for interior restoration
    starting on 1/7/15 through 2/5/15.
    We will re-open this exhibit on 2/6/15
    with fan fare at 9am. Mark your calendars
    and plan to join us as we honor all the folks
    that have helped save and preserve Tower 17 for future generations.



    TOWER 17 - Interactive Exhibit at the Museum

    ATCS System display of real-time train movement along the tracksThe Rosenberg Railroad Museum has been chosen as a regional location for an Advanced Train Control System (ATCS). ATCS is a system of railroad equipment (hardware and software), designed to ensure safety by monitoring locations of trains and locomotives, providing analysis and reporting, and automation of track warrants and similar orders.

    This system, as used at the museum, allows us to monitor in a graphic format, the real-time movements of trains in the Union Pacific Glidden subdivision (which includes traffic behind the Museum) on a large hi-def monitor. The BNSF Galveston subdivision will be added in early 2014 and a second monitor will be added to the system. You can view signal indications for absolute signals, switch alignment, and whether or not a train is occupying a section of track.

    You will see a train as it approaches and passes by the Museum and watch the monitor to see how it switches along the track.  

    This interactive system is available now in Tower 17 for all Museum visitors.

    Future plans for viewing the ATCS include adding the live action to a Museum Members Only section of this website. We will soon have more information available, so please check back with us.

    TOWER 17 Interior



    Much More to See at the Museum

    Pictured here is the museum's 1944 Seagrave fire engine. A "War baby" model, she was delivered to the Fire Department of Orange, Texas in 1944. She resides now at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum, as part of our Historic Rosenberg Collection, where she awaits funding for restoration. If you love old fire engines, and want to help make this apparatus live again, email our director!

    Did you know there weren't always time zones (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific)?  Before 1883, each town had it's own time based on when the sun was thought to be directly overhead - 12:00 noon.  Two towns a few miles apart may have local times that differed by 20 minutes or more. 

    Today, imagine going to the airport and each airline has its own time - how could you make connecting flights?  That's exactly what it was like going to a large union station prior to 1883 - each railroad had its own time based on where the home office was located.  Come and see how this situation was resolved by the railroads (the U.S. government didn't officially get on board for 35 years).