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Join the Rosenberg Railroad Museum as we celebrate the heritage of railroads in Ft. Bend County. With your membership, you will enjoy discounts at our gift shop and on ticketed events, as well as invitations to exciting members-only events. Membership fees directly support the programs, growth and acquisitions of the Museum. Exciting changes are underway at the RRM... from building a spectacular garden railroadto the future coming of the Rosenberg Museum Rail Spur, we are growing! Come, be a part of the action at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum in Historic Downtown Rosenberg!

Join the RRM by clicking on our PayPal link, or send your check by mail to:

Type of Membership

Rosenberg Railroad Museum
PO Box 369
Rosenberg, TX 77471

Membership FAQ's

Do I have to come in person to join?

We are happy to offer you two options in addition to stopping by the museum:

  • If paying by check, fill out our membership form and mail it with your check (made payable to Rosenberg Railroad Museum) to Rosenberg Railroad Museum, P.O. Box 369, Rosenberg, Texas 774710.
  • If paying by Credit Card, you can use our payPal link above, or drop by the Museum at your convenience.

What if I have joined but don’t have a membership card, or I am not sure if I am still a member?

Contact the Museum at 281-633-2846 or by using our Contact Us form and we can verify your membership status and expiration date.

What if I joined recently at a different pricing level?

Existing members will automatically be converted to one of the revised levels and be able to start receiving the current benefits. Members who joined a few months before the revised program was available may be eligible for an extension of their membership period.  Contact the Museum at 281-633-284  or by using our online Contact Us form to confirm your status and to see if you qualify for an extension.

What if some of my children are 15 or over?

Children ages 15 or over are considered an adult, and are eligible for their own membership.  May we suggest that you consider enrolling your 15 or older teen in our Junior Docent Program. All active Docents are entitled to complementary individual membership privileges. For information on the Docent Program visit this link or call 281-633-2846.

Can I bring a guest or family member to the museum under my membership?

As a Dual member or Family member you can bring guests at no extra cost as long as an adult member accompanies them and the total number for your membership is not exceeded.  Additional guests can pay the regular admission price.

Are there limitations on who can be included as part of the Family Membership level?

The limitations on the Family membership are: You must include at least one and no more than two adults and it includes up to a total of 5. Children under 2 may visit without being included under the membership. Children 15 or over are considered adults.  You also have the option to increase the number of children for your Family membership for $10 each. You may also include guests during visits under the Family membership as long they are accompanied by an adult member and the total number for your membership is not exceeded.

What if I am interested in the Family Level but I only have 1 child or 2 children? 

Family members are welcome to bring friends of their children.

Is the Education Station Playroom available for Family members?

Unless the area has been reserved for a special purpose such as a birthday or special program, it can be opened by someone with the museum for your use.

Are members allowed to go to all areas and buildings during each visit?

Unless an area has been reserved for a special purpose, members may visit all areas on the museum property. However, note that a tour guide is required for visiting all areas except the Museum Gallery (main building), Education Station Playroom, and Caboose.

Do members have to pay for special events?

Unless noted differently in promotion material for the event, your membership includes visiting museum grounds and buildings. 

I have a question that is not covered in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact the Museum by calling 281-633-2846 or by using our online Contact Us form.